Sparkly Renaissance Boudoir Chair


Bring on the sparkle and kitsch with this Neo- Renaissance chair.


Item cost: 110


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Small Side Table in Louis Philippe Style


This discretely elegant and practical side table will blend in well with all interior design styles. 



Royal Blue & Gold Drinks Trolley


Drinks trolleys are all the rage! This unique blue and gold trolley will be the eye-catcher in any room and every party. Could also be used in a beauty or hair salon.


Item cost: 425 


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Antique Japanned Bow Fronted Corner Cupboard


A stunning 18th century corner cupboard with a Chinoiserie décor that has been applied through the Japanning lacquer technique...A joy to behold.


Item cost: 975 


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Three-Tiered Plant Stand in Black and Crackled Gold


Creatively display your plants or curios with this  original multi-tiered stand. 


Item cost: 145


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Little Side Table in Green Onyx and Gilt Bronze


An exquisite little side table in the eclectic style of the late 19th century.



Brass Art Deco Display Side Table


This brass tubular table with its hammered brass top and sea-green marble display shelf  is a joy to look at.


Small Neoclassical Style Writing Desk in Walnut


A dainty and practical writing desk from the late 19th century with a predominantly neoclassical look.


Item cost: 285 


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Art Nouveau Oak Pedestal


Display your favourite plant, lamp or statuette on this stylish little Art Nouveau Pedestal.


Item cost: 65 €


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Stunning Napoleon III Armchair in Sculpted Walnut


This stunningly majestic armchair from the second half of the 19th cebtury is a rarity indeed! You will not find another one with the same Wow factor…


Item cost: 445


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Art Deco Style Side Table with Zebrano Sunburst


This Zebrano veneered sidetable with its sleek Art Deco look is a head-turner is any interior.


Item cost: 265


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Art Nouveau Checkered Side Table


This little work table from the Art Nouveau period will add loads of charm and warmth to any corner of your home.

Item cost: 115


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Biedermeier Flamed Mahogany Writing Desk


A gorgeous desk in flamed mahogany from the Biedermeier period (1815-1848). Its petite size and geometric lines make it marrigeable with a sleek modern interior. Just the desk you wanted for your laptop...


Item cost: 1225


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Charming Oak Wall-Cabinet with Mirror


An attractive and practical solution for hanging in your entrance hallway. Keep your keys, sunglasses, lipstick, etc. at hand!


Item cost: 110


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The Black Pearl: Baroque Style Side Table

A whimsical yet functional little side table with the allure of Baroque gone modern.

Item cost: 185

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Biedermeier writing desk, bureau flamed mahogany

Upholstered Queen Anne Style Bench


This elegant and practical bench would look fab in most room decors. An antique look with a modern vibe.


Item cost: 185


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Upholstered Rococo Style Bench


An elegant bench with refreshing colours that can be used in many settings.

Item cost: 175


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