Biedermeier desk in flamed mahogany


Biedermeier Flamed Mahogany Writing Desk


Date: ca. 1815 -1848

This rare lady’s writing desk in flamed mahogany is not just a stunningly beautiful piece of history but is also a functional piece for today’s modern home! Its petite size makes it practical in a smaller home or apartment and its geometric form means it can blend in well in a sleek modern setting.

The writing surface is flanked by two lidded compartments and a pediment. It has a large shallow lockable drawer beneath it. The concave plinth base is connected to the table top by two columns and linear rear legs for placement against a wall. The desk has been veneered with flamed mahogany (compartment interiors included) and the columns are of solid mahogany.

The Biedermeier style evolved during the years 1815–1848 particularly in Germany and Austria but also extended into Scandinavia. The rise of a new middle class led to the development of a new audience for the arts in general. The style impacted writing, painting, music and interior design. There was a greater focus for the domestic and intimate spheres, which led to the appreciation of more simplicity, comfort and functionality when it came to furniture design. The style is contemporary to the French Empire through to Louis Philippe styles, but is generally less ornamental and more geometric in appearance.

Dimensions: 76 cm high to writing surface, 85 cm high to top of compartments, 46 cm depth writing surface, 108.5 cm total width 

Condition: The veneered surfaces have superficial scuff marks consistent with usage over the years; some small chips have been previously restored (nicely done) with shellac. The writing surface has a dull spot on the far left corner (presumably a water spill mark).The desk comes with a clear glass pane to protect the writing surface (not on photo). The drawer can be locked with its own key and the two compartments share one key; the drawer key might be original but the other key is new. The compartment locks, which have been fixed, need to be treated with caution and I recommend not locking them at all; presumably the reason for their previous breakage is that the lid was pushed down while the lock was turned, thereby breaking the mechanism.

Shipment costs & info:

This item will be shipped via private courier from Belgium. Please ontact me for a quote.


You may also pick up the item yourself (in Genval, Belgium) if convenient for you.