About DelAgan

About DelAgan

My passion for everything from a bygone era reared itself in childhood…Living in Egypt for a while helped kick that off! I fell in love with the idea that historical objects, works of art and monuments were in fact witnesses from our past that have survived the passage of time. These are to be treasured, appreciated, studied and above all looked after for the benefit of future generations.


What else could I have ended up studying but archaeology! After several years of allowing my professional career to take me to entirely other areas of business, I finally decided to make myself truly happy by again focussing on my interests and passions. I followed semi-private antique restoration lessons given by a restorer who has also worked for the Louvre museum, amongst other clients. I followed a four year in-depth course on Antiques & Art History and obtained my certificate with flying colours in 2020. My end-of-studies dissertation treated the 'Authentication of antique furniture based on technical elements as opposed to stylistic elements'.


DelAgan was set up in 2018. I buy objects and pieces of furniture from various sources (antique markets, private individuals, auctions, etc) in the hope that they may please others in turn. The furniture items might be restored or be ‘upcycled’ to cater to a more modern quirky taste, but only if they are not valuable historical testaments that should be cared for as such (coating those over with a layer of paint is nothing short of criminal!).


Formal Identification Details:

Owned/ managed by:       An Devriese

Company registered at:   Clos de la Pergola 7 - 1332 Genval -  Belgium     

Company Reg. number:  806804032

                                         (DelAgan is Small enterprise subject to the tax exemption scheme. VAT not applicable)

Phone number:                0470/454946 (from abroad: +32 470 454946)

E-mail:                             info@delagan.com