Tazza in yellow sienna marble

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Antique Tazza in Sienna Marble

Date: ca. late 19th century

An elegant tazza (stand/bowl) in pale yellow Sienna marble with remarkable blue/grey veins running throughout. The edge of the bowl is gadrooned. It stands on a doubled square base and circular carved stem. Originally this bowl would have been decorated with four marble turtledoves standing on the rim drinking from the bowl (there are little holes that testify to this); the birds have ‘flown the coupe’ as is usually the case. This kind of marble was popular in the late 19th century. The tazza is either French or Italian in origin.

Dimensions: 19 cm high, 25 cm diameter, 2.8 kg

Condition: There is a small chip to one of the base's corners (see photo) and some barely visible nicks to the underside of the gadrooned edge. The birds that would originally have ornamented the edge are missing (4 small holes on the rim). A circular unpolished mark on the bowl suggests that there may also once have been a plaque of some sort. The inside of the bowl is less polished and whiter is appearance.

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