Large Art Nouveau Thulin vase with blue & yellow drip glaze

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Large Art Nouveau Thulin Vase with Blue & Yellow Drip Glaze


Date: ca. 1910- 1920

An exceptional and very tall vase with lovely intermingling blue and yellow colours; a real joy to behold! The flower-like mouth and rim give way to a curved top handle. The two lower handles swirl around the body. The elongated neck is decorated with button shapes. The colours have been applied with the drip glazing technique and the surface has a lovely crackled effect.

This vase was almost certainly produced by the Thulin Faienceries (earthenware company); it is not signed as is the case for most of their wares. The Thulin Faiencerie, located in Belgium nearby the city of Mons, was active between 1887 and 1991. They are especially known for their fantastic drip-glaze wares during the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods; these are becoming more and more sought after in the collectors market as their beauty is being recognized.

Dimensions: 43.5 cm high, 16 cm diameter at widest point, 2.250 kg

Condition: Very Good. No chips, cracks,….

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