Art Nouveau Claret Jug by Victor Saglier

A magnificent example of true Art Nouveau workmanship by a master of his art. Just look at those lovely swirling floral mounts....A real gem this jug is!


Item cost: 415 €


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Small African Mural Masks


Create a decorative mural statement with this attractive set of seven small African masks.


Item cost: 77 €


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Val St Lambert Green Crystal Cornucopia Vase

An elegant little cornucopia shaped vase in green graduated crystal. This 'Béatrice' model was designed ca. 1960.

Cost of item: 35 €

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Art Deco Vase by R.Chevalier (Boch) with Floral Motifs


An exceptional Art Deco vase combining enameled floral motifs and streamlined shapes. Made by a master of his art...


Cost of item: 225 €


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Bohemian Glass Decanter with Gilding & Enamel Flowers


If you like your bling-bling then this decanter is the piece for you...In the right decor it'll turn heads.  


Item cost: 65 €


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Pair of Large Art Nouveau Faience Vases with Floral Motifs


Make a big bold statement with these exceptionally silhouetted vases. Two different motifs feauture on either side...


Item cost: 95 €


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Blue Amate Painting with Exotic Birds

The vibrant blue colours of this exquisitely painted large Amate painting (on bark paper) will liven up any space.

Cost of item: 75 €

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Pair of Art-Nouveau Jugendstil Brass & Copper Vases


Bring some Jugendstil to your home with this pair of highly decorative and stylised vases. 


Item cost: 65 €


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Big Stoneware Vase with  Mottled Blue-Green Glaze

An impressive large stoneware vase with voguish blue green brown tints. Would look fab in a bohemian or country style interior. 


Item cost: 48 €


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Ornate Brass Candelabra with Seven Arms  


Brighten up and fancify your dinner table with this impressive candelabra. 


Item cost: 70 €


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Art Nouveau claret jug-Victor Saglier- aiguière -karaf

Art Deco Vase With Crackle Glaze


A small eye-catching vase with an unmistakable Art Deco look from the AMC faiencerie.

Item cost: 83 €


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Pair of Extra Large Wicker Floor Vases 


These plum and gold coloured large wicker floor vases offer a simple way of making a big decorative statement. 


Item cost: 60 €


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African masks - masques Africains
Bohemian glass

Patinated Bronze Candlesticks signed F. Barbedienne


An esthetically intriguing and unique pair of two-tone patinated bronze candlesticks dating from the Napoleon III eclectic era


Item cost: 325 €


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Val st Lambert vase- Béatrice Cornucopia- Hoorn vaas- vase corne
Vintage stoneware Rorstrand-Stalhane
Art Nouveau faience vases
Brass candelabra, candelabre laiton, messing kandelaar
Amate painting exotic blue birds

Vallauris Blue Ceramic Tea/Coffee Set


Serve your hot drinks in retro fashion with this radiant glossy-blue seven pieced set.  


Item cost: 50 €


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Large Stoneware vase with blue green brown tints- grand vase en grès bleu vert
Jugendstil brass and copper vases. Vases cuivre et laiton Jugendstil
Art Deco Vase AMC cracke glaze

Antique Chinese Pierced Ivory Brisé Hand Fan

An intricately carved ivory hand fan from the 2nd half of the 19th century made in China for the European export market. 

Cost of item: 195 €

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Pair of Agate Inkwells

A pair of stylish agate inkwells from the Art Deco period. 

Cost of item: 135 €

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wicker floor vases. Vases de sol en osier

WMF Art-Nouveau Jugendstil Silver-plated Bonbon Dish


An ornate little dish that embodies the popular Jugendstil Art Nouveau style.


Item cost: 110 €


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Stålhane - Rörstrand Vintage Stoneware Lighter


This blue glossy stoneware lighter was designed by the famous Carl-Harry Stålhane .


Cost of item: 50 €


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Vintage Psychedelic Copper Enamel Dish


The colours of this vibrant little copper enamel dish takes one back to the psychedelic 70s.  


Item cost: 20 €


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Pink Opaline Murano Glass Vanity Jar


This pretty, old-rose coloured, vanity jar would look fabulous on any lady’s vanity table.


Item cost: 50 €


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Bronze patinated candlestickes F. Barbedienne - flambeaux - kandelaars brons

Mdina Art Glass ‘Fish’ Vase


A small glass vase with the bluish green tints of the sea.


Item cost: 45 €


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Vallauris ceramic tea and coffee set. Set de café en céramique de Vallauris
Agate Art Deco Inkwells - Encriers en agate -Art Deco inktpotjes
WMF silver-plated Art Nouveau dish
Opaline de Murano glass
Vintage copper enamel. Cuivre emaillé.
Ivory pierced fan- Eventail ivoire percé - ivoren waaier
Vintage stoneware Rorstrand-Stalhane
Mdina Glass fish vase. Vase de Mdina