Art Nouveau Pot by Thulin

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Art Nouveau Drip-Glazed Lidded Pot by Thulin

Date: 1914

An attractive pot with lovely intermingling colours; a real joy to behold! This lidded pot was originally created as a tobacco pot in 1914 by the Thulin Faienceries (earthenware company). The colours range from plum, to orange, to blue and mint green and have a slight iridescence.  

The Thulin Faiencerie, located in Belgium nearby the city of Mons, was active between 1887 and 1991. They are especially known for their fantastic drip-glaze wares during the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods; these are becoming more and more sought after in the collectors market as their beauty is being recognized.

Dimensions: 14 cm high without lid; 17 cm high with lid, 8 cm diameter base, 0.740 kg

Condition: Very Good. No blemishes or damage.

Item cost: 45 €

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